This is the log of our adventures aboard ‘Boundless’, our much beloved 1984 Passport 42. We bought the boat in August 2017 with the view to one day leaving the San Francisco Bay, taking a left hand turn, and not looking back.

After two years of completing a substantial refit of the boat and modernizing its systems, we headed out the Golden Gate on October 23rd, 2019, and have set upon achieving those cruising objectives, starting with the 2019 Baja Haha cruiser rally to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

We spent the summer and fall of 2020 cruising the Sea of Cortez, late November and December undertaking two substantial remaining refit projects, and crossed to mainland Mexico in January 2021.

Given the limitations presented by the pandemic it was not possible to move further south than Mexico in the 2020/21 season, so having gone as far south as Puerto Vallarta, we returned to the Sea of Cortez for the summer of ’21.

We now back on our intended course south through the remainder of México, on to Costa Rica, and with a view to transiting the Panama Canal in spring 2022.

“For the most part, a sailboat navigates through its world of wind and water not leaving a single trace of its passage. Nothing is consumed. Nothing is altered. The winds and the water are left in exactly the same condition for the next user.”

Michael B. McPhee