The Crew

The Crew

Sailing in Tonga, Jan 2017

We are Colin and Julian. We are a couple of guys with plans to ditch real life for a while, and head off to explore a new lifestyle, test ourselves, share experiences and make memories together while cruising of our Passport 42, Boundless. After a couple of busy careers, we feel fortunate to have the opportunity, and believe our only regret will be if we don’t commit and go.


Julian’s first sailboat, a Mirror Dinghy (his brother Keith at the helm). circa 1973

I have been sailing most of my life in some form or fashion, from sailing my first significant possession, a Mirror dinghy in the 1970’s, spending summers on my parent’s boats growing up, to a Catalina 27 I owned with a work colleague, and the four boats I have owned with Colin, a 1985 Hunter 28.5, and a 1991 Hunter 37.5, a Tartan 3500 ‘Pistachio, and ‘Boundless’.


Having grown up in Canada and spending much of my youth in the mountains of British Columbia, and on the Canadian prairies, I had no exposure to

Colin’s first sailing experience aboard Aliesje, Julian’s parents boat, in the U.K. in 2001

sailing until meeting Julian, and sailed for the first time with Julian’s parents on their Cornish Crabber, Aliesje, close to Harwich in the U.K. From that time on wards sailing and being on the boat has become my place of regeneration and peace in crazy world.

‘Machopekin’, a 1991 Hunter 37.5. that we owned for many happy years!

We have sailed together in the San Francisco Bay, and many (wonderful) miles in the Pacific Northwest, where we had our Hunter 37.5, Machopekin, based for 7 years. In addition, we have bare-boat chartered twice in the British Virgin Islands, and once, in 2017 in Tonga in the South Pacific. Our goals are to explore Mexico, Panama, Caribbean, and beyond in OUR boat.