Plan B – The Richmond Bridge

Plan B – The Richmond Bridge

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper
Distance (nm):  25.4 nm
Engine Hours:  1 hr
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin.
Weather:  Warm and sunny – dense fog through the Gate – and hung around all day.


A great weekend on the boat in total.  We arrived on a warm Friday evening, and put the jib on after a repair from last week, as well as installed the (nasty) CF registration numbers on the bow.

Having checked the currents and wind for Saturday, we decided it could be a great to day to make one of those trips out of the Gate and off towards the Farallons.  However, the downside of the warm weather can be fog, and it was THICK when we woke up on Saturday, and did not appear to be going anyway when we got out sailing.

Oh well … Plan B; head away from the fog and into the warmer climes of the North Bay, under the Richmond Bridge, and around Red Rock.  We had a bit of a battle with current, both with the ebb under the bridge, just before it turned, and then with the flood tide for the last part of Racoon Straights:

Racoon Straights

Lovely sailing – beautifully warm, and a wonderful violet sunset over flat calm water.  We are definitely enjoying the new slip, close to the park for Marley, closer to Molly Stones (for Colin’s Sunday morning bacon), and catching all the evening sun in the cockpit.

Sunday was a boat cleaning day, and managed to polish the cabin top and the cockpit – the boat looks super-shiny in the sun.



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