Tripping North to Ramada.

Tripping North to Ramada.

We returned from a trip to Canada and the U.K., having left behind my crutches, and feeling like there was some time left before we could safely move too far south, we decided to do what we had originally (pre-broken foot) decided was the summer plan, and go retrace some of our steps from the previous year, further north in the Sea of Cortez.

Puerto Escondido to Candeleros (Enseñada Blanca)

DATE:24 September 2021
DEPARTURE:Puerto Escondido
DESTINATION:Enseñada Blanca – Candeleros
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):591.09

It felt great to get out of Puerto Escondido and headed for the short leg south to Candeleros. We were enjoying a lazy sail when I spotted something in the water that thought should be investigated. It turned out to be a pale gringo swimming from the mainland with the intention of getting to Isla Danzante and then swimming back. We offered a ride, which he accepted (“I’ll never refuse a ride on a nice sailboat”), we dropped the ladder, and then showing him where he was relative to Isla Danzante it occurred to him that he had seriously underestimated the distance. We took a sharp right and got him close back to the shore where we dropped him back in the water close to the beach he had left from.

A slightly surreal experience, we carried on towards Candeleros, not quite sure whether we had spoiled his afternoon or saved his life. Unfortunately the idea of snapping a photo of him totally escaped me.

Candeleros to Puerto Escondido

DATE:25 September, 2021
DEPARTURE:Enseñada Blanca – Candeleros
DESTINATION:Puerto Escondido
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:25°49.309N 111°18.667W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):592.35

While we had planned to stay in Candeleros a few days, a norther blew in the next day, and as it got progressively stronger with the evening approaching, we made a dash for the comfort of a mooring ball at Escondido, arriving just as the sun was setting.

Puerto Escondido to Puerto Balandra, Isla Carmen

DATE:26 September, 2021
DEPARTURE:Puerto Escondido
DESTINATION:Puerto Balandra
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°1.251N 111°9.820W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):595.28

Another attempt to leave Puerto Escondido, we off for Puerto Balandra, where we had been one before, but had been chased out by bees. Unfortunately Puerto Balandra on this occasion was the site of jejenees or no-see-ums, the tiny bugs with a nasty bite. They are way more attracted to Colin that me, and he ended up with his body covered in bites that actually left him feeling quite sick for a few days. Time to leave Balandra … Again!

Puerto Balandra, Isla Carmen to Isla Coronados

DATE:27 September, 2021
DEPARTURE:Puerto Balandra
DESTINATION:Isla Coronados
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°06.588N 111°17.121W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):597.05

It was nice to be back in Isla Coronados where we had spent quite alot of time previously, but on this occasion we were pretty much the only boat, the result of northerly winds that make the bay less comfortable. We enjoyed a quick trip to shore but seeing ominous storm clouds, headed back to the boat.

Isla Coronados to San Juanico

DATE:28 September, 2021
DEPARTURE:Isla Coronados
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°22.084N 111°25.929W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):599.09

We made the trip from Isla Coronados to our intended destination of San Juanico, and tucked up into the pretty end of the large bay as protection from north winds. Glad to be back here, we had fond memories of being here with Baron & Heather the year the year before.

San Juanico to La Ramada

DATE:29 September, 2021
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°22.920N 111°25.867W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):600.01

A flip in the wind to southerlies (which happens at this point in the year) left us thinking it would be more comfortable around in La Ramada; one of our favorite coves in the Sea. Not only is it ultimately picturesque and full of wildlife, it has a sandy beach at its head, and the option of a short hike over to San Juanico. We made the trip over and having prepared a memento to hang at the ‘cruiser shrine’, we left ours ‘mark’ while checking out those from other we knew, including the big dried puffer fish left by Leo from Sun Piper.

La Ramada to San Juanico

DATE:1 October, 2021
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°22.070N 111°25.946W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):600.27

The winds switch again, and so we trade Ramada for San Juanico once again.

Okay – This photo of Colin may not be flattering but maybe it captures our relaxed mood at anchor … maybe?

San Juanico to Isla Coronados

DATE:2 October, 2021
DESTINATION:Isla Coronados
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:26°06.899N 111°17.091W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):601.07

We have been watching the calendar. We were super-keen to start making our way back to La Paz, and then to points further south and seeing no tropical storms for the foreseeable future, we thought it safe to make a start on our journey from 26 degrees of latitude to our intended destination for the season, some 18 degrees further south.

Isla Coronados to Puerto Escondido

DATE:4 October, 2021
DEPARTURE:Isla Coronados
DESTINATION:Puerto Escondido
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:25°49.338N 111°18.681W
ENGINE HOURS (at Destination):604.49

DIESEL FILL: 61.3 Gallons (5,909 pesos)

A two night stop in Isla Coronados and we headed over to Puerto Escondido, our summer ‘home base’. to fill up on Pizza and diesel.

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