No wind, big tide to Ayala Cove

No wind, big tide to Ayala Cove

Departure:          Clipper YH
Arrival: Clipper (via Ayala Cove)
Distance (nm): 10.6
Engine Hours:  1.5 hrs
Crew & Guests: Colin, Julian & Marley (Sarah & David for a spot of lunch)
Weather: Sunny with a few clouds, 0 – 10 knots of wind


After meeting at the boat we headed to the quirky Italian Sausalito Seahorse restaurant for dinner on Friday, and spent the night on board.  Got up on Saturday to do one of our (least) favorite jobs – take the speed log out of the bottom of the boat, quickly plug the ensuing spout of water, clean the log wheel, pull the plug, and stuff the log back in as quick as possible.  Actually, the process went pretty well, and we were pleased to see that Pistachio has a much better arrangement for this than the Hunter, which means we are dealing with a spout about a third of the volume.  A success! – the log works again.

Headed off for a bit of a sail on Saturday, but the wind was extremely light, and with little excitement in store for us wallowing in the Bay, we got in touch with Sarah and David on Gigi to arrange a meet at Ayala Cove.  After fighting the current up Racoon Straight and some interesting docking in the active eddy current that swirls around the cove, we had a pleasant late lunch (thank you Sarah for the bubbly), hung around for a bit, and motored back to Sausalito, just as it was getting cool.


Spent the night on board on Saturday, and did a bunch more cleanin’/ fixin’/maintain’ jobs (Colin dealing with plumbing, and cleaning below, me putting markers on the anchor rode and repairing the swim ladder light – very important!) on Sunday; a bright and sunny day.

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