‘Double D’ Day

‘Double D’ Day

Departure: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival: Clipper (via Ayala Cove)
Distance (nm): 17.4
Engine Hours: 1.0
Crew & Guests: Julian, Colin, Diane & Diana Houramez, and Marley.
Weather: Mostly cloudy, bits of sun, windy 15 gusting 25 knots (Colin saw 30+at one point)



Took advantage of the one day this long weekend that did not have rain in the forecast, and headed out with the Houramez D’s.  The tide was ebbing so thought we’d head out under the gate, but when we got out decided that it might be better to stick in the Bay.  Colin and I were discussing earlier how it was easy to find folks to come on the boat, it was getting them to come a second time that can be an issue, and given some pretty heavy swells, we erred on the side of caution.

A trip up Racoon Straights, and we were ready to take Pistachio into Ayala Cove, for what we suspect will be the first of many visits.  Tied up, we were reminded of the eddy current and ferry wash, but spent a short while warming in the sun on the fore deck, after eating a lunch below.

And … back to Sausalito, against the tide, in very windy conditions.  Where did everyone go?  Suddenly we seems like one of just a few boats left out there.

A good trip, and Diane and Diana were great sports, even with us getting used to Pistachio, and occasionally rounding up.

Had one reef in the main, and the jib rolled in a couple of turns.  It appears that anything much over 20 knots, and the boat is going to be much better with the second reef.  We’ll see.

2 thoughts on “‘Double D’ Day

  1. We had a fabulous day on the bay with our skippers, Julian, Colin, and Marley. They handled the boat with expertise and we felt safe and well looked after. Pistachio is lively, spirited, and solid. Can’t wait for another go around!


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