Nick, Lauren, Vickie & Ryan:  Perfect Bay Day

Nick, Lauren, Vickie & Ryan:  Perfect Bay Day

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival: Clipper
Distance (nm): 28.4
Engine Hours: 2
Crew & Guests: Julian, Colin, Nick, Lauren, Vicki and Ryan
Weather: Warm and sunny, not a cloud in the sky.  Light wind to start, and hardly any swell or waves out the gate.  The usual 15+ knots in the slot.


A just about perfect San Francisco Bay sailing day, a beautiful morning, and unusually light wind at 11:30 when we set off, which carried on until we motored around to the Gate.  Raised the sails after we passed under, and enjoyed a spectacular tack across the entrance out past Bonita Point. A rare treat in relative calm, and pleasant steady breeze.

Turning around we enjoyed a downwind sail with building wind, almost back to Alcatraz, and sensing the need for even more excitement from the restless crew, headed up toward the City waterfront, and then back to Belvedere to join a racing fleet for the downwind sprint up Racoon Straight.  (Pistachio totally kept up with the fleet, sailing well at 7+ knots, with no spinnaker and no stress).  A peak into Ayala Cove, and we tacked back  (with the tide) down Racoon, almost tipping into Tiburon, and back to the calm of Sausalito.

A beautiful day, and a joy to share with enthusiastic crew who appeared to totally enjoy the boat, the Bay, the great sailing, and Colin’s legendary sandwiches and cup of tea while under way.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

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