“Then they tried to kill me” with Tyler and Kassandra

“Then they tried to kill me” with Tyler and Kassandra

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper (via Ayala Cove)
Distance (nm):  20.9
Engine Hours:  1.25
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Tyler & Kassandra
Weather:  Sunny, and variable wind to 20+.


In an effort to get Tyler a new ‘sailing pic’ to replace his now years old current Facebook profile photo, we headed to the boat with Tyler and Kassandra.  Somewhat out of character, we had a plan; do the ‘three bridges’, sail under the Golden Gate, Oakland – Bay, and Richmond bridges.

It was the usual calm start to the day then building winds for the pass under the Gate, which worked in our favor as we turned for the downwind section to the Oakland Bay Bridge.  “Brugar” shouts Colin as we are just off Alcatraz, and sure enough, we had just passed our sailing friends from years ago, heading in the opposite direction.  A quick VHF exchange, and the 3 bridges plan was abandoned in favor of chasing down Bruce and Gary (Brugar!) and following them to Angel Island. Brugar, now 13 years old still looks brand new.

Pulling into Ayala Cove, we noticed another Tartan 3500 about to dock, and after introducing ourselves to Phillip the owner, learned that Pistachio and ‘Catcher’ are the only Tartan 3500 in the Bay Area.

A reunion with Bruce & Gary, and a sandwich later, and we were back into the Racoon Straights crazy of tide, wind and racing fleets.  A bit more Bay sailing, reefing, unreefing, and a bit of (unsolicited) racing, we headed home.

Then they tried to kill me” … overheard when Kassandra was chatting with her family talking about the day.

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