The historic launching of the Matthew Turner (we missed it!)

The historic launching of the Matthew Turner (we missed it!)

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper 
Distance (nm):  23.5
Engine Hours:  1.25
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:  Sunny, good wind (light behind Angel Island)


Awoke on board to sunny blue skies and warm breezes. IT’S SAILING time . Even better its sailing time in shorts and tshirts!  😄No plans except to enjoy the sun, waves and sails . Across the Bay, around Alcatraz, along the leeward side of Angel Island where we practiced our hove to ( and lunch) and back to Sausalito. Fun sea and waves and some GREAT video footage.

On our way in we knew they were launching the historic 100 foot Matthew Turner. Its a new tall ship that was custom built from scratch by 1000 volunteers. We had seen it earlier in the day from land but when entering the harbor by boat it was like an LA freeway. Boats and dinghys everywhere and too congested so we headed to our slip instead and listened for the cannon boom to announce it had hit the water  

Julian enjoyed his “early” birthday present of a Go Pro camera and as you will see from the video it was well used today .  Check out about 5 minutes in when  he makes a cup of tea for us and the boat heeling. Too Funny! 

A quiet night of food at a local eatery and off to bed after a bit too much sun . In the night though we kept hearing the bilge pump kicking in and out. After a great breakfast we decided to figure out why. While checking it out we  noticed a drip from  the forward V berth water tank where the supply line connects to the tank . Upon touching the supply line …… the line broke off the tank and we had water draining everywhere . Luckily we don’t panic…  much…. and  a few hours later it was fixed as new . An afternoon of minor projects and sunshine and sadly our weekend is over.

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