The Copping Cruise

The Copping Cruise

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper
Distance (nm):  17.0 nm
Engine Hours:  45 minutes
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Allan and Fraser Copping
Weather:  Sunny and warm, but wonder than yesterday with gusts to 25 kn.


After some prior arranging, Allan, on a road trip with his son Fraser,  stopped by at Sausalito on his way north back to Vancouver. We set out, enjoying the warm weather and activity off the Sausalito waterfront, put up the sails, and headed through the slot to the City.  Fraser enjoyed the views of Alcatraz (many pleas to leave his dad on the Island), as well as the Golden Gate (not golden at all, but red?)

After rounding Alcatraz, we ducked into the doldrums behind Angel Island to make a sandwich and enjoy a drink with the boat flat and going nowhere, before turning around and taking a close course along the west side of Angel Island, enjoying the new perspective (who knew there was a beach there?)

The sailing trip was a bit of a first for Fraser, who had only been sailing on a dinghy before, and he certainly enjoyed being out on the water, seeing the wildlife, and identifying the birds.  It was also good to catch up with Allan and see him so relaxed after a few months of traveling since leaving Impark.

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