Rounding Treasure Island

Rounding Treasure Island

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper
Distance (nm):  24.3nm
Engine Hours:  1 hr
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin and Marley
Weather:  Sunny and warm


Perfect spring weather!  Woke up on the boat to a warm and sunny day, and after a trip to West Marine (flip flops for Colin) set off for the usual whirl, but got sidetracked with the idea of heading around Treasure Island to go under the new section of the Oakland-Bay bridge.

It’s always interesting how different it feels leaving the slot, and the bustle around Pier 39 to head south around the cityfront into the South Bay.  The view of the city is up close and the older span of the bridge is quite awesome.  Rounding Treasure Island and heading north again, the view of the new span is equally spectacular, but quite different. Passing under this new span was a first for us as it has been completed since we sold the Hunter in 2013. 

The boat flew up the east side of the Island doing well over 7 knots in relatively flat water, the result of being in the lee of the land. After a tack down Racoon Straights, we sailed along the Richardson Bay channel under jib alone, and threw the motor on at the last minute to enter the marina.

Fun day for us, definitely … but for Marley, not so much!  Hopefully he gets his sea legs back at some point.


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