Short sail on the Long Weekend

Short sail on the Long Weekend

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper
Distance (nm):  16.2 nm
Engine Hours: 1 hour
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:  Pretty warm (but not the heatwave of the weekend)


After installer the shower drain pump assembly (for the second time, and after rejecting the first sump option installed last weekend), we set off with the intention of testing out the new Rocna Vulcan anchor 25.  Took a downwind sail through Racoon Straights and a left turn towards Paradise Cove where we dropped the hook which seemed to instantly set just fine.  Hung out enjoying the view for a while on the foredeck, and even had Marley up there for a few minutes before skulking (keeping wide and low) back to the safety of the cockpit.  Beat back with the staysail through Racoon Straights. Nice!


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