Up the mast for the anemometer (Pt. One)

Up the mast for the anemometer (Pt. One)

This is actually the second attempt at getting the anemometer installed, and the cable to it run up the mast.  The first attempt ended in a fail due to lack of chutzpah and a fear of heights by both Colin and I, but a renewed determination got me up there this time.  However, getting up the mast was just the start of it.  The anemometer comes with four screws and it would seem simple to just drill four holes, pop on the mounting bracket, and put in the screws.  No!  three of the screw heads just broke off as I tried to screw them in.

Looks simple enough! just drill four holes and pop in some screws.  Right?

Down the mast and up for a second try with a bigger drill bit – same deal!  Now we have four broken screws sticking out the top of the mast, big enough to be annoying, but not large enough to act as a deterrent to bids looking for a perch from which to soil the deck below. Taking stock of the situation, we decide not to waste the opportunity, and to at least use the existing messenger line running up the mast to install the cable, but the messenger line is completely fouled somewhere along a twisted route through multiple wires, and it cannot be used.

Great view from the top.  Boundless is more curvy from up here.

Third times a charm … focusing now only on running a new messenger line and setting aside the anemometer install for now, its back up the mast again, and we manage to get a new, free-running messenger line in place.  Not sure if we are ahead or behind from where we started, we call it a day, and look forward to a later engagement with the mast-top where we will sort out the mess made on this try, and find an alternate solution to fixing the anemometer mount (tapping some machine screws?).

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