BruGar Bruhaha Weekend

BruGar Bruhaha Weekend

Saturday Feb 24th

Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival: Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, Richmond
Distance (nm): 17.1
Engine Hours: 1
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Marley.
Weather: Sunny, but nice wind.  Cool!

screenshot_2018-02-26-06-17-192041596307.pngLog:    Set off to Marina Bay, thinking of maybe just heading up Raccoon Straights, but it looked a bit too tempting out in the Bay once we cleared the Sausalito waterfront.  We also left just shortly after our dock neighbor, Scarlet Fire, and with the long lens at hand and sight of them over by the City, we headed over that way, and did manage a few reasonable shots.

Scarlet Fire - GGB-01.jpeg
Photo op of Scarlet Fire (dock neighbor) in front of the GGB

After chasing Scarlet Fire downwind for a while, with a widening gap, we headed off towards Alcatraz, and in the direction of a racing fleet all headed for Richmond.  Somewhat embarrassingly, we ended up moving through the cold looking fleet (yes, this smooth bottom is paying off) just as Colin appeared with some hot tea from the galley.

Blowing 20+ as we got up to Richmond we tacled the channel under staysail alone, moored up at the pump out dock (memories of 14 years ago when we ended up on this dock with Machopekin under sail with flat batteries.

 Sunday, Feb 25th

Departure:  Marina Bay Yacht Harbor, Richmond
Arrival: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm): 11.7
Engine Hours: 1
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Marley.
Weather: Flat water, smooth sailing.


After a fun evening with the Brugar crew, and a relaxing sunny morning in Marina Bay, we set off in flat water down the Richmond channel.  A bit of a breeze picking up we had a lovely sail over to Raccoon Straights, rode the tide through, and then got tempted for a pass across the slot before heading back to Sausalito.  With both Scarlet Fire and Moxie out of their slips, it was the opportunity to take a few photos of Boundless, with new livery.



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