“Textbook perfect” weekday sailing

“Textbook perfect” weekday sailing

Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):  22.8
Engine Hours:  1
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin.
Weather: Sunny, pretty warm for early March, 5kt to 18kt wind.

Log:  One of those days when we wish we’d planned better and invited someone along who hadn’t sailed before … it was ‘textbook perfect’ for an intro, nice weather, flat water, and steadily building breeze, building to around 16 knots for the last sweep back across the Bay.

Left the slip (trying the new dock-attached fenders that seem to act like brake-pads), out along the Sausalito waterfront, over to the City, and then tacked our way out the Gate and just past Mile Rock (with a bit of an adverse current, and steady lightening wind).  We took advantage of the current on the way back through the Gate, with the Genoa poled out, and back in the windy ‘slot’ took a pass over to the City and around Alcatraz before heading home.

We had a try at taking some 360 degree video.  its pretty boring stuff, but its fun to pan around (using your mouse or finger) and take a look at the full 360′ view:

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