Check the weather before you take out the windows

Check the weather before you take out the windows

What should have been a reasonable job turned into a 10-day project, trying to replace two of the larger window.  a bit of rain revealed a small leak in one, so it was time to deal with these two windows.  We extracted the windows and managed to to the thickened resin in the affected area of the core that had got wet, but then the rain came, and stayed for days.  a couple of tarps and a week later and we were finally putting it back together.  Two more to go.

  • Removed the two rear larger salon windows
  • Prepared the bedding area, using thicked epoxy to replaced an area of wetted core (bottom of port side window), and fill the screw holes.
  • Replaced the acrylic lens (using only one as a template for the pair, I had to trim the second one.
  • Used new bronze screws (the Port side has been replaced with brass at some point, and a few broke when trying to extract them).
  • Much, complicated masking with tape.
  • Used a tube (slightly more on the Port side) on each window of Dow Corning 795 as the adhesive sealant.

Note:  The Dremel with sanding cylinder worked well on the acrylic to make small indents required to allow for screws, but a big reminder to USE EYE PROTECTION as one disintegrated, hitting me in the eye.


The old (L) and the new (R)


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