Sowerby Sunday

Sowerby Sunday


Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):  22nm
Engine Hours:  1hr
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Tim & Victoria Sowerby
Weather: The usual,  and a bit of a blow at the end


It was one of those days when we got a bit of everything. Sun, no sun, wind, no wind and then LOTS of wind, cold then warm then hot and back to cold. As is the summer in San Francisco!

It was a good trip out with Tim Sowerby (one of Colin’s associates who now has the sailing “bug”) and his daughter Victoria. We managed to sail out under the Golden Gate Bridge and along the SF water front. Sails in full form and clipping along, then around the back of Alcatraz and down the east side of Angel island.

Victoria then took the helm and showed us all up with her instant ability to sail a course and keep Boundless on a heading. We were headed for the Richmond bridge but turned back at Red Rock Island and came back around the south end of Angel Island and back to Sausalito.

Was a great day filled with laughter and WAY to much Englishmen banter between Julian and Tim but still a great days sailing.


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