Golden Gate with Beate & John

Golden Gate with Beate & John

Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):  23.8
Engine Hours:  1
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, Beate, John
Weather: Sunny, pretty warm for early March, 5kt to 18kt wind.

Log:  After a stormy couple of days, the morning looks promising for a sail.  We arrived to find the marina filled with swamp colored water from all the run-off, but got going under skies that looked like we could see a shower or two.  Fluky wind heading out of Sausalito, but we caught the breeze, the boat dug in, and we headed towards the Golden Gate in post-storm pacific swells.  A few tacks more and we were out past the bridge and into some lovely ‘ocean’ sailing.  Heading back under the Bridge, Beate at the helm (“bucket list item – sail a boat under the Golden Gate: check!”), we Jibed back and forth, avoiding a tanker and a racing fleet, down the City waterfront.  A sandwich and an Olympic recovery drink (non-alcoholic beer) later, the wind had picked up to 18+, and we had a very comfortable (staysail) sail back over to Sausalito.

An excellent day, enthusiastic company, we were super-lucky with the weather, all heading off to dinner in the evening with respectable wind/sun burn.


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