Let’s just mark the anchor chain…..

Let’s just mark the anchor chain…..

It’s one of those days when we decide to “just mark the anchor chain” for depth ( planning a trip up the Delta later this month) and as in all boat projects it becomes a full days work. Marking the chain was easy

But then it was “we really should replace the old foot switch with a covered one because last time I tried to lower the anchor ( we only have up motor) I kneeled on it as the boat was rocking and almost ripped a finger off. So we had to make a larger cavity to accommodate that for the new switch. And of course that meant finding tools which meant ripping the boat apart.

then it was decided to replace the old solenoid that was tripping the breaker all the time ( or so we thought) with a new one.

But when we retested the motor, the windless runs great for a few minutes then slows down and trips. Back to the drawing board! I think it’s the magnets or the brushes are corroded. All in all an 8 hour boat project that should have been done in two.

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