Gori Prop and Cutlass Bearing

Gori Prop and Cutlass Bearing

So the final part of the repower project was hauling the boat out the water and replacing the fixed blade prop with a Gori folding prop.

The new prop:  A Gori 3-blade Folding prop 18″ x 14 pitch x 3 blade RH.

We also took the opportunity to replace the cutlass bearing which had been identified as having some wear when we bought the boat, and would have likely been fine for a while, but it seemed like a good time to do it as the boat was coming out of the water anyway.

I coated the propeller with PropSpeed at home ahead of the haul-out.

Mikey at KKMI did a nice job on the install.  The shaft needed a lillt bit (maybe 2mm) taken off the end to accomodate the Gori prop.  If ever we need to refit the (spare) fixed blade, we’ll need to drill a new hole to accomotare the split pin. 


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