Will, Maddie & Ellie – the sunny day of Thanksgiving.

Will, Maddie & Ellie – the sunny day of Thanksgiving.

Departure:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):22.3 nm
Engine Hours (trip end):52.15
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin, Will, Maddie, Ellie
Weather:Mostly sunny and not that cold, really! (better than yesterdays pouring rain.

Log: Wi

With Will, Maddie and Ellie visiting for Thanksgiving, we arrived at the boat on Friday evening to spend the night on board.  Having discovered the prism above the quarter berth had leaked and the mattress was damp, Will slept in the salon, and we were grateful for his testing the lee cloth. 

Waking up on  Sunday morning, things looked so much better outside.  After ten days of smoke, and a couple of days of rain, this seemed like the first bright day in a long while, and the breeze in the marina was promising for a trip out.

We beat out towards the Bridge, then took a trip around Alcatraz and anchored for lunch behind Angel Island.  Another run back across to the waterfront, saw us heading back while it was still warm(ish) out.  The boat performed really well; the new foresail, the folding prop, still clean hull (and knot meter) and we were just clipping along all day, at one pint surprising a J105, and we reached under full ‘cutter’ rig behind it.

The day turned out just about perfect, Will and the girls had fun, and everyone took a turn at the helm with Ellie assisting the autopilot like a pro (that remote is a handy gadget!).  It was really special to share a day with them all on the boat, and as a bonus we found a job for tomorrow (see ‘Prism Rebedding #1’).

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