Hatch Refurb

Hatch Refurb

With a legit leak in the forward hatch, and a teeny leak in the galley hatch as well as suspect ease of opening on most, it was time to refurb the hatches. replacing the lenses on all (other than the one protected under the dodger which was fine), new gasket on some, exercising and lubing, and replacing nylon washers. The old ‘rose colored’ lenses were replaced with more contemporary ‘smoke’.

UPDATE:. Just a couple of weeks later and it appears the ‘excercising’ of the stiff hatch above the shower stall was more likely just twisting the stainless steel hinge which had completely siezed in the aluminum frame casting. It broke, completely! So, rather than trying to drill out six stainless nasty bits, we opted for a (not entirely matched) replacement.

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