SSB Aerial

SSB Aerial

With a good SSB Radio on board, and a Kenwood tuner, the only thing missing was an aerial. This was taken down when the mast was off foe refurbishment and painting, and the standing rigging. Most unfortunately, this coincided with the sudden passing of the previous owner, and the SSB antenna was never replaced. We actually got a repair allowance in the purchase agreement for this, and FINALLY, we got this ordered, and installed.

We had some options:

  • replace the existing backstay with a new isolated backstay antenna
  • rig a temporary antenna that can be hoisted on a halyard when needed
  • push a Gam/McKim Split Lead Single Side Band Antennaa

We went with the third option (easy, reasonably priced, will likely work, but bear in mind our primary communication will come from an Iridium Go).

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