SailGP Weekend Sail

SailGP Weekend Sail

Departure:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):28.0
Engine Hours (trip end):66.7
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:A good blow at 20+

Saturday – 5/4/19 We went sailing with Nick and Johnna on Scarlet Fire to get a view of the Sail GP boats sailing, but with a vantage point at the Alcatraz end of the course the racing was a bit far away, but fun to see anyway, and interesting with the hundreds of boats hugging the course perimeter.

Sunday – 5/5/2019 The wind was nice and blowy and we were looking to get Boundless out for a romp, but avoid the SailGP craziness, so we headed across the city, and the out of the way up towards Red Rock before the racing started. We took in a reef, and then swapped the headsail for the staysail as the wind settled in. A trip under the Richmond Bridge we turned to head back against the last of the flood, tacking around the bridge to avoid a big ship heading north.

A nice beat home, totally beating the pants of a Valiant 40 and a Gozzard (the Gozzard was hardly making any progress in Racoon Straights relative to us). Through the Straights, we headed over to the City, just in time to see a few of the SailGP boats up close as they headed off at great speed, with a whirring, grinding sound.

A couple of nice photos, a cup of tea, and we headed back to Sausalito. A lovely sail, and as always, impressed with how Boundless performs.

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