Memorial Day Dinghy Retrieval – (windvane attempt #1 and #2)

Memorial Day Dinghy Retrieval – (windvane attempt #1 and #2)

Departure:Brickyard Cove
Arrival:Clipper Yacht Harbor … Brickyard Cove
Distance (nm):19.6
Engine Hours (trip end):69.4
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:usual … 5 – 20 knots (20 in Raccoon)

After a couple of days of working on the boat, it was Memorial Day, and the fact that we’d forgotten the dinghy when we left Sausalito gave us an excuse to go sailing.

With the Monitor windvane now fixed to the transom, it was time to give it a go. Firstly we installed the vane backwards, but when that was fixed, realized the steering lines were crossing so that the paddle would turn the wheel the wrong way … no worries, we half expected that and just needed to switch them over. We had a brisk trip beating down Raccoon Straights, and a blowy entry into Sausalito.

Mollie Stones for lunch, an adjustment to the Monitor steering lines, and the dinghy secured on deck, we left the Clipper Yacht Harbor slip for the last time to head back to the new Brickyard Cove home.

Attempt #2 on the Monitor, showed some promise but was undertaken on a port tack with four other sailboats in close proximity, and with a cargo ship approaching. We concluded we need a good amount of runway to get it set and tested effectively, but it seemed to at least be doing the right things. Surely … more to follow on this one.

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