To the Yard (for a power-wash) and back.

To the Yard (for a power-wash) and back.

Departure:BYC – KKMI Sausalito
Arrival:and back to BYC
Distance (nm):18
Engine Hours (trip end):73.23
Crew & Guests:Julian
Weather:Arrival in Sausalito – Windy.
Leaving Sausalito – Bloody windy!

A trip to to KKMI isn Sausalito, primarily because we were slightly concerned about a faint ‘knocking’ when motoring, and the suggestion (some weeks previous) by H&M Marine – who installed the engine, that we should have perhaps shortened the shaft to meet the 1.5 times shaft diameter, as the distance to the prop from the cutlass bearing (bored yet?)

So … I motor the boat over to Sausalito, Colin is in Canada, and hope there is somewhere to tie up when I get there, in order to take Shane from H&M for a run to listen with expert ears, and generally check things out, before the scheduled haul-out for the shaft shortening at KKMI.

Now, pause here … in November we put the new Gori Folding prop on the boat, and not wanting to mess with that ourselves, we decided to get KKMI to put it on, and while we were at it, have them replace the cutlass bearing. When you pay KKMI yard rates, you would expect someone to mention that we should shorten the shaft, but as there was indeed no mention of that, here we are back at the yard again, potentially correcting a possible problem.

Long story short:

  • Shane and I go for a spin. He eventually hears what I am referring to, but reports everything at the engine/transmission side is super-good.
  • We get hauled out, washed off, and look at the prop. The assessment is that the prop may be 3/4″ too long, the cutlass bearing is fine, and everything looks good, and KKMI are off to remove the shaft, send it over to a machine shop, lop off 3/4″… maybe an inch, reinstall, etc., and hopefully all withing 10 days (what!) ready for the July 4th long weekend.
  • I go home thinking that’s a lot of effort and expense for a tiny bit of shaft.
  • I call the next morning to check on timing, to learn they are having trouble removing the prop … and seeing a growing yard bill, I agree with the KKMI project manager, they should just put the boat back together and I’ll come and get it that afternoon.
  • When I come to pick the boat up the bill is about $1,200, and I mention that I am not too excited about that, especially considering we were going through this entire process, because KKMI didn’t advise us of a possible problem upon installing the prop, and pulling the shaft to replace the cutlass bearing in November.
  • The project manager waives the bill entirely (kudos KKMI), but while that’s nice we are still left wondering if (by the book), we may have a possible problem in the future?? However … the boat motors fine, Shane describes and faint knocking as likely ‘cosmetic’ and caused either by water against the hull, or possibly the rudder (proved later to be unlikely)

So, that’s it … motor over to Sausalito, haul the boat, have a wash down, replace two zincs on the Gori, and yes, thats it!

(Incidentally, I did get in touch with KKMI the next day, and subsequently paid for the power wash and the zincs, which in all fairness, i was pleased with).

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