S.F. to S.D – And off we go….

S.F. to S.D – And off we go….

Day 1 October 23

Out the gate 1030am. After exiting the shipping channel and turning south, the wind was blowing steady 12-20 knots on the aft starboard quarter trying to push us to a downwind sail. Not a good idea as the wind models showed minimal wind closer to shore. So we decided to head off shore and catch all the wind we could. With full main, yankee and stay sail we went about 30-40 miles off and surfed VERY rolling seas as we veered south. That of course resulted in some seasickness from some but not all. It also meant finding out where all the noises were coming from. (Who knew after two years you would find new noises while sailing). Around 4 hours in Julian, who was on deck, let out a holler. I was at the helm and looked to the port side just in time to see a whale come out from under the boat. A few seconds later we felt his tail fin hit the bottom/side of the boat with a light “thud” noise. Scary yet exciting.

As the sun set we decided on 3 hour watches which would give every one 6 hours to sleep. Ha! Not possible for some. For some of us it takes 2 hours to unwind. But we all managed to get into the routine as the sun began to set and the stars began appearing above us.

While on watch from midnight to 3 am, I was treated to a small bioluminescent show as we continued sailing. All of a sudden I could see these white streaks in the water coming at the boat on its beam but then turn at the last minute and ride alongside. FINLLLY a big Dolphin show even in the darkness

Around 1245 am the wind dropped and we began motor sailing for a few hours.

A great first day although taking a bit to get the sea legs-in order, work past the sea sickness/ queasiness. Log book entries every couple of hours and touch wood – nothing has broken yet…..

4 thoughts on “S.F. to S.D – And off we go….

  1. This is so exciting! Your words are beautifully descriptive and makes us feel we are a part of the journey ( sans the seasickness). Sail on… Betsy♥️


  2. What a great start to your travels! The whale 🐋 must have must have been amazing! Does Dramamine or those wrist bands for sea sickness help? Hugs 🤗


    1. Great first day log. Once your sea legs “kick in” you’ll do fine. Don’t forget to take your daily grog medicine. 😁


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