S.F. to S.D – Heading south with intent..

S.F. to S.D – Heading south with intent..

Day 2 Oct 24

The sunrise at 615am was joined by blue skies and wind. Not a cloud anywhere. The kind of morning everyone thinks about when thinking of sailing except for one thing….. it’s damn cold.

Everyone waking at different times depending on the watch schedule. Today was a settle into routine day. Eat, sleep, stand watch, repeat. Dodging lots of cargo ships. Always watching one of the three chart plotters we have on the go.

Our original plan was to head to Morro Bay, but we decided to keep going to the Channel Islands as the going was good , moral was great, food was plentiful and laughs a plenty. Wind dropped around 1pm so again having to motor sail. Quiet day overall. Seasickness settling down. Sea legs developing well. Beautiful sunset as we all sat in the cockpit together watching it set. We then sailed on into the night.

We calculated when we might get to Point Conception. This is supposed to be the roughest areas you go around in SoCal by boat. Our weather maps told us there was nothing happening so it should be calm. But again predict wind and predict wind offshore have only been predictable( haha) 50% of the time.

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