S.F. to S.D – Windlass and Windless

S.F. to S.D – Windlass and Windless

Day 4 Oct 26

Good night sleep for the most part. Anchor alarm went off in the night but it was a false alarm so back to bed. Really had no doubt our anchor had set as we backed down on it at 1600rpm and did not move so felt we were pretty secure.

Up and off the anchor early. Small problem with raising the anchor. The solenoid is now stuck on engage so someone has to be at the panel switch to turn it off once the anchor is up but we managed. And of course it’s one of those spares we didn’t think to have so we will replace it in San Diego. Plan today is to get to eastern end of Santa Cruz Island to Yellow Bank Anchorage.

No wind today and glassy calm sea state. Had fresh baked lemon muffins as a treat, ran the water maker and refilled one tank, showers, small boat chores, lots of binocular gazing as we passed many of the Channel Islands. No Dolphins today. Got to the anchorage around 4 pm. Set anchor and relaxed in the sun and enjoying the rest of the day.

Anchored with a lee shore. Not our favorite anchorage, very rolling at times and big surf crashing on shore which is a bit intimidating. Also the shore was high banks so no excursions to shore for us.

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