S.F. to S.D – Things that blink in the night.

S.F. to S.D – Things that blink in the night.

Day 3 Oct 25

In the middle of the night the dolphins were back in full glowing force. They were jumping out of the water and doing aerial tricks before splashing down. It is eery to see them looking up at you as your red light shines down on them.

Lots of puzzling lights as many things looked closer, but on a clear night even lights from shore (30 miles away) still look close. Wind died around 230 am so we began motoring. Strange sights to see the off shore derricks when you see them from the water. They are massive structures that transmit light for 15 miles at least.

We went past Point Conception around 6am in flat calm seas and no wind. Hmmm. Ok maybe predict wind was right this time. I have heard people talk about horrible experiences going around the point. Happy that was not our experience. We then had to cross the shipping lane and again dodge a few cargo ships.

We decided to head to San Miguel island in the Channel Islands. Very serene and uninhabited island except for all the sea lions ! We decided after 48+ hours we needed to stretch our legs so we set out for a wander across the sand dunes. Felt good to be back on land albeit a bit weird. Tried to catch a fish for dinner but no such luck. Oh well in the grand scheme of things it’s not critical and we have lots of food on board. Life is still grand.

Tonight is a catch up on sleep and even a glass of wine with dinner as we settle down on anchor for the night. Tired and happy not to be sailing all night and we bid today good night.

Ps. We have tons of photos but they will be uploaded once we have some good internet capabilities.

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