Baja Haha 2019 Leg 3

Baja Haha 2019 Leg 3

November 14, 15 2019

We were up early off anchor and out of the bay by 4:30 am. We were soon joined by many other boats that had decided to also make the run. Several boats that had children were staying behind to wait out the weather in the bay and would make their way south in a few days.

We motor sailed all day the 14th and into the night. The day was spent doing small boat errands, reading, fishing (doing catch and release about 7 times) and just motoring along with the other boats from the Baja who were running ahead of the storm to Cabo.

We were treated at sunset to an amazing dolphin show of spinning dolphins who jump out of the water and spin around then crash back into the water over and over. The other thing that was amazing is that these dolphins were very large compared to the others we had seen so far on this trip.  A few hours later we were again another incredible experience. We had the most amazing moon rise. It was a sight that I had never experienced before and we all stood in the cockpit watching the moon rise just like a sun and lighten up the horizon. The moon was a strange orange glow ball that increased in size and as it rose higher into the sky it became whiter. We watched the moon as we enjoyed a delicious evening meal prepared by Julian.

Overnight the air was so warm we were doing middle of the night watches with shorts and t-shirts , with life jackets of course.  Around 4 am the lights of the cape of Cabo began to appear on the horizon. As dawn broke we could see the finish of the 2019 Baja appear, Cabo San Lucas Mexico!  We were all excited and despite the lack of sleep all stayed on deck to enjoy the entry into port. We had received notice from the Baja organizers that we had managed to get a slip (albeit rafted up to another boat) so we planned on staying in Cabo until the storm had passed by.

We arrived in port (with a lot of spanish conversations from Julian) and tied up to the dock surrounded by mega million dollar yachts and multi million dollar sport fishing vessels. So bitter sweet that this part of our adventure was over. But many more adventures remain. We will wait out the storm system and make plans based on the weather forecasts over the next few days. Now for some sleep, food and catching up with friends.

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