Cabo San Lucas to La Paz

Cabo San Lucas to La Paz

So happy to be able to leave Cabo San Lucas, with the port open and the sun shining, we left the mayhem in our wake and passed back out into the bay with the signature rocks and ‘lover’s beach’ (apparently ‘divorce beach’ is on the more exposed ocean side) to starboard. 

The route took us along the coast revealing what appeared to be some spectacular resorts and homes.  As the wind increased, we raised the sails for a short time, and just before entering San Juan del Cabo caught a fish.  As it was not a yellowfin or a dorado, we deemed it to be the one other fish in our complete repertoire; a skipjack, so tossed it back.  A trip to the tackle shop later in search of an identification guide, and a discussion with the knowledgeable folks inside revealed our catch of the day was more likely a Bonito (it had teeth) … and apparently “great for sashimi” … O well!

All secure in pretty Marina Los Cabos, we headed into the town to discover a very picturesque and eclectic town center with excellent restaurants and shops and most notably, not a Senor Frogs in sight.  Lunch in town, and dinner in a local restaurant a short walk from the marina, we are happy cruisers (if not yet on the cruising budget).

Date:November 20th, 2019
Departure:San Jose Del Cabo (Marina de los Cabos)
Arrival:Los Friales
Distance (nm):31.8nm
Engine Hours (trip end):236.01
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:light wind, sun, clear

Leaving the breakwater, we found a morning breeze, raised the sails, and realized we were in a small armada of Baja Haha boats heading up the coast, making their way to La Paz;  Delphina, Brainwaves, Mickey Jean and Starlight Express, all in our sights.

A lovely warm sail, keeping the recommended two miles off shore, we passed along the hilly coast that looks lush and green from this distance.  The approach to Los Friales revealed a beautiful beach, crystal clear water and sandy bottom for anchoring. 

Dropping the hook, we took a walk on the beach, then Colin donned his wetsuit for a test and even cleaned the very slight growth on the waterline.  A FIRST … being able to peer through crystal blue water to see our chain snaking along the bottom leading to our anchor buried in the sand. 

Now we feel like we’re cruising. 

Date:November 21st, 2019
Departure:Los Friales
Arrival:Ensenada de los Muertos
Distance (nm):49.9nm
Engine Hours (trip end):243.26
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:Variable wind, sun, clear, warm.

Up early and headed out for the trip to Las Muertos.  With variable wind it was a bit of sailing and a bit of motoring, but an opportunity to do some fishing, as well as a repair on the dinghy (with some slightly congealed rubber cement – who knows … it might work?), and a shower on deck (note to self – this works! … but buy a longer shower hose setup).

Anchored in Bahia de los Muertos just before the interesting ‘pink boat’ Darwind, and along with a small fleet of Baja Haha boats.  Although a lovely bay, with a beach bar and lots of interesting panga activity, it was not quite as stunningly picturesque as Los Friales, and we were quite content to not leave the boat, but relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the cockpit.

Date:November 22nd, 2019
Departure:Los Muertos
Arrival:La Paz (Marina Costa Baja)
Distance (nm):57.3nm
Engine Hours (trip end):247.53
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:Breezy, choppy, sun & cloud

We set out early with the anticipation of this being the final leg of our trip from San Francisco to La Paz, and had breakfast of coffee and toasted muffins (alas, this is the last of the Trader Joes jam). With good wind we raised the sails and found ourselves finally, after a month of downwind, going to weather, chomping along rounding Arena de la Ventana and into the Cerralvo Channel with a knot or more of current in our favor.  Once in the channel the chop developed and created a spirited sail. The fishing yielded one skipjack which was released and one fish that took off with our prized dorado-catching lure.   With a couple of tacks (our first since San Francisco), and some motor sailing to keep progress through the worst of the chop, we found ourselves rounding the entrance into Bahia de la Paz, meeting the Mazatlan ferry in the narrowest section of the cut. 

We enjoyed the downwind section hour or so trip to La Paz, feeling duly accomplished on completing the entire trip from San Francisco, to La Paz, but also interested to see what would become our ‘home waters’ for the next few months. 

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