Caleta Partida – a wading adventure

Caleta Partida – a wading adventure

Date:November 29th, 2019
Departure:Marina Costa Baja, La Paz
Arrival:Caleta Partida (Isla Espiritu Santo)
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:10 – 14 Beam Reach, sun & Clouds

With Colin having returned from a couple of days back at work, and enjoying the Club Cruceros Thanksgiving pot luck (and drinks after) the day before, we were keen to get out and see some of the local anchoring spots.  The initial plan was to just go to Ballandra Bay, but peer pressure (Kanamera and Absolute) encouraged a slightly more ambitious destination – Caleta Partida; a cut between Isla Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida.

As we left the marina and realized the conditions provided for a beam reach heading north, and with the forecast for the wind to shift around providing a downwind return trip, the decision to head up to Caleta Partida was an easy one.  The trip was one of the best sails to date, all three sails flying and the boat leaning gently into the 10-14 knots of warm breeze.  The sail north permitted a peak into the sandy bays tucked into the dramatic landscape of Isla Espititu Santo, and the promise of many beautiful gunkholes for future trips.

We sailed almost all the way into the anchorage before resorting to the engine, enjoying the view of striking rock formations, only to learn later that we were effectively sailing into the crater of a volcano.  Anchor set, dinghy down, we headed over to talk with the folks from Galene, and received a recommendation on which of the two sandy beaches to visit along with the warning of extended shoaling on the approach.  True to form, the trip to the beach was half dinghy ride, half walking across clear shallow water in perfect sand, but brought us to a sandy spit and a fishing settlement, and the surprise of a cut that permits dinghy access right through between the two islands at high tide.

The anchorage filled up with many familiar boats – Galene, Pelucidar, Jersey Girl, and Deefoot II, as well as Absolute (Tom and Katie) and Kanamera (Doug) with whom we shared a hilarious evening in the cockpit of Boundless.

Date:November 30th, 2019
Departure:Caleta Partida
Arrival: Marina Costa Baja, La Paz
Engine hrs (end):249.34
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:Blustery, sun and cloud

We watched a few boats leave, enjoying the morning coffee, after a surprise visit from Doug on Kanamera who had been back to the beach to retrieve Colin’s sandals that had been left there the day before despite clear instructions for Julian on making sure they were in the dinghy (these things will happen!).  We weighed anchor, making a pass at Absolute on the way out to also bid ‘Bon Voyage’ for both Kanamera and Absolute are sailing on. 

The trip home was as promised – excellent downwind conditions at 14 – 22 knots, and a gentle swell to remind us how the boat feels under way.  With zero fish caught on the way up, we had two lines out and some excitement as the rod screeched “fish on” just as Colin was below finishing the watermaker flush.  We were sure it was a Bonito, with some teeth on display and stripes on the top half of the body, but unfortunately, the meat was clearly that of a skipjack, which was unfortunate, but at least served to sort out for us exactly what is a skipjack (not nice to eat) and a Bonito (good eats).

Overall, this was a spectacular excursion to a beautiful destination, and “couldn’t plan it better” sailing, both out and back.   

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