La Paz to Mazatlan

La Paz to Mazatlan


DATE:21 January, 2021
DEPARTURE:Marina Palmira, La Paz
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:24°15.521N 110°18.981W
TRIP: 6nm

We were itching to get out of the marina after two months, but waiting for Juliet to get their new autopilot controller before we could start making our way over to the mainland, hopefully together. It was great to just get out and spend a few days on anchor. Juliet caught up with us, and we enjoyed a lunch at the palapa restaurant. Julian and LeeAnn went running on the road to Pichilingue, we all hiked the hill, and had a nice evening on Boundless.

… and Back

DATE:26 January, 2021
DESTINATION:Marina Costa Baja, La Paz
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:24°12.935N 110°17.940W
TRIP: 5.5nm
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):428.56

to Falsa (again)

With Juliet having received notice their part had arrived, we headed back to La Paz to Marina Costa Baja, and Juliet came to Costa Baja for a celebratory evening at the sushi restaurant at the marina, which turned out to be a bit pre-emptive … the autopilot part turned out to be defective and a second replacement was ordered.

DATE:28 January, 2021
DEPARTURE:Marina Costa Baja
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:24°15.521W 110°18.981N
TRIP: 5.95
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):429.37

Falsa to Partida

While Juliet waited for autopilot part no. 2, we were again wanting to get off the dock, headed to Bahía Falsa. With the sails up as soon as we left the marina we had a pleasant sail the short distance to what was becoming familiar territory.

DATE:29 January, 2021
DESTINATION:Caleta Partida, Isla Espiritu Santo/Isla Partida
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:24°31.940N 110°22.742W
TRIP: 20.1
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):431.44

Looking for new scenery, with a couple of days to while away, we enjoyed a pleasant downwind sail to Caleta Partida and were really pleased to be back here. Immediately upon dropping anchor we were welcomed by Amos from Midnight Rider (who we were to see again at a number of stops). We also met the crew of John Muir, Kristen and Tom, had drinks on John Muir and then on Boundless the following day.

Partida to Falsa

DATE:February 1, 2021
DEPARTURE:Caleta Partida
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:24°15.543N 110°18.986W
TRIP: 19.4
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):436.37

Said Goodbye to John Muir as they headed to enjoy Kristen’s birthday tucked into the tiny bay immediately north of Caleta Partida and we raised the anchor, heading off in pursuit of Taiko … an easy spot with their unmistakable red sails and junk rig as they sailed past the entrance to Caleta Partida.

With little wind it was a motor back to Bahía Falsa to meet up with Juliet to hopefully and FINALLY … leave La Paz and head over to the mainland. Unfortunately Juliet were still waiting, and given Colin needing internet access for his monthly couple of days of work, we had made the decision to head off ahead of Juliet.

Taiko Joined up in Bahía Falsa and it was lovely to catch up with Renate and Martin once again. We enjoyed a pleasant event with both Taiko and Juliet on Boundless.


DATE:2 February, 2021
DESTINATION:Enseñada de Los Muertos
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:23°59.488N 109°49.656W
TRIP: 50nm
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):442hrs

The wind was light as we left, and it felt strange to take a right hand turn and go through the gap between Isla Partida and Balandra that we were so pleased to arrive at over a year before. We were looking forward to the different climate and scenery of the mainland coast, but had chosen to make a couple of stops on the Baja Peninsula first, to reduce the crossing to the mainland to just one overnight.

Despite the light start the wind filled in strongly in the Caravalo Channel and we took a reef in at one point, trying not very successfully to reef while going downwind, and ended up hoving to to complete the maneuver. All was good, however, and we had a sporty and quick sail down to Muertos, and a pleasant evening anchored in the bay, with only two other boats, enjoying dorado tacos from the day’s catch.


DATE:3 February, 2021
DEPARTURE:Enseñada de Los Muertos
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:23°22.903N 109°25.251W
TRIP: 47.3nm
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):449.26hrs

A fairly uneventful trip, mostly motoring, making water and just enjoying being ‘out there’ once again. Anchored in Frailes under the protection of the rocky face at the north end of the bay, on the fourth attempt!! – the areas slightly further south does not have good holding and it pays to tuck in a bit further, apparently!


DATE:4 February – 5 February, 2021
DEPARTURE:Los Frailes, Baja California Sur
DESTINATION:Isla Piedra Anchorage, Mazatlán, Sinaloa
DESTINATION LAT/LONG:23°10.950N 106°24.497W
TRIP: 169nm / 30hrs
ENGINE HRS (at Destination):460.04hrs

We left Frailes with light wind, and after a few hours the wind filled in as predicted. We enjoyed over 20 hours of very pleasant sailing, with the Monitor wind vane operating just about the whole time. The sea state was a bit rolly, with wind and swell off the port quarter causing us to notice a slight noise from what appeared to be the rudder … time to think about getting those rudder bearings replaced (a job long on the list).

The night was pleasant and sailing good, but the wind died in the morning as we approached Mazatlan. With large fishing vessels on AIS and visible, we knew we were getting close, but a marine layer obscured our view of the city until we were just a couple of miles away.

Very happy to have had a successful and pleasant crossing (after warnings of very rolly conditions from Bohemia, who had crossed before us), we pulled into the Isla Piedra anchorage, just off the beach, listening to a cacophony of Mariachi music from the many palapa restaurants on shore.

Note – we moved from ISLA PIEDRA aound to CLUB NAUTICO basin in the Mazatlán harbor after a couple of days and spent most of our time in Mazatlán there, only moving back to Isla Piedra for the last (very rolly) night before leaving.


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