DAY TRIPPING – Balandra ‘test sail’

DAY TRIPPING – Balandra ‘test sail’

Departure:Marina Palmira, La Paz BCS
Arrival:Marina Palmira, La Paz BCS
Distance (nm):23.4
Engine Hours (trip end):425.6
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin
Weather:Blue sky, wind 3 – 20 knots

After 8 weeks of major boat work (see the ‘Projects Log), we were itching to get out of the marina, and also see that everything checked out, especially given the new chainplates had necessitated fiddling with the rig. With a decent wind forecast for the day, and bright sunny skies, it seemed like the perfect day.

After negotiating the La Paz channel, we put the sails up and had a quick sail out into the bay with a fair breeze and quite the residual chop left from the seasonal northers. The wind decided to do a mid morning shift however and abated for a while which left us wallowing, with sails slatting in the chop, so we motored over to Balandra, dropped and dropped the hook for lunch.

The wind increased to 15-20 for the ride home, and with the wind off the quarter, then the beam, we made quick work of the few miles, at 7-8knots.

It was great to feel the boat moving again, and everything worked just fine! We love the new look of the boat with its clean decks, stainless rails and the bench in the transom. We are back to the dock for a few days, will finish up a couple of minor items, and we will be ready to go again.

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