Trip out (& fuel-up) with David

Trip out (& fuel-up) with David

Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:  Clipper Yacht Harbor (via the fuel dock)
Distance (nm):  14.4
Engine Hours:  45 mins
Crew & Guests:  Julian & Colin, David Tucker, and Marley
Weather:  Winds 5-15kts, sunny


We spent out first night on board and David and Sarah met us at the dock at noon.  While Sarah headed to the dentist, we left with David to head over to the Fuel dock, where we filled up (9+ Gallons), and then out to the Bay.  Poked our nose outside the Gate despite the wind-against-tide, and got to experience a nice swell for a while before heading back in, and over to the City waterfront, and got overtaken by a few crazy kiteboarders on foils.

Colin back at the on-board sandwich making job.  He’s not lost his touch!  This was Marley’s first trip out on a boat for a few years – he’s lost his sealegs.

Good, brisk sailing, and lovely to be out there again, and nice to reciprocate briefly entertaining David and Sarah, who took us out sailing on their boat, Gigi, two weeks before.

Here is a link to Video of the day, taken by David as we headed under the Gate.

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