Boundless Projects done to date

Boundless Projects done to date

We should have started this ‘Projects Log’ when we bought Boundless, but here is an attempt to catch up on the various projects completed to date:


  • 20171203_111354.jpgInstalled the new binnacle mount (stainless steel), the new Navpod and the Zeus 3 chart plotter.  Hooked up the chart plotter to give it a go.
  • Installed the Navpod unit under the dodger and the two Triton2 displays.  This involved drilling through the coachroof – over 2 inches thick in total, and into the overhead cupboards in the galley.
  • Installed the Triton2 display and Control unit ready for the Autopilot installation (January).


  • Got some new cockpit cushions
  • Installed a new engine kill switch, after the engine failed to turn off.  This turned out to be only the first time this happened in only a few weeks.  the first time was the kill swith, the second time it was the relay at the engine.
  • New smartplug shore power system.
  • New LED strip lighting in the galley and a new LED light in the head.  There was only the overhead light, this is ‘under counter’ and is an improvement.
  • Installed a new Xintex propane detection system
  • Installed a courtesy flag halyard.   We can now fly the Canadian flag up there (although it should probably be the other way around – US up there, Canada off the transom).
  • Replaced the in-line valve on the aft fresh water wash down, which was fine until we tested it, then it started leaking. (I guess that’s why you test it.)


  • After much research, we found the fittings (Garhauer) that run a furling line system along our gargantuan 1.25″ stanchions.  We could now get rid of the temporary tied on blocks on the (new) staysail furler, and after fitting those, realized it would be a big upgrade to install the same thing for the genoa, which was far from free-running.
  • New Sunbrella Lifesling cover (and one day I’ll get around to putting some support in it – it looks a bit ‘baggy’ hanging off the back, although a vast improvement over the ratty yellow one).
  • New Lifeline cushions.
  • Colin did a good job overhauling the head – new joker valve etc. and also the hoses.  Generally much sweeter!  I also replaced the unattractive and detiorated cream colored board that the head is mounted on with a new epoxied ‘teak and holly’ piece.
  • Installed new taps in the head.  both in the sink and the shower.  The old ones were corroded and mismatched.
  • The local rigging shop fitted a new (old) spinnaker pole end, and we fitted the pole back on the mast (off the deck) along with a new topping lift (Colin’s first trip up the mast).


  • Installed a new shower sump system – this was a 3-day job, first trying an integrated sump/pump unit, but it was having trouble draining, which we assumed was due to it being inadequate, but in hindsight, it may have been due to poor electrical supply. We replaced this with a ‘gulper’ and heavy duty dedicated pump. This required two installations to get the line run correct, and finally we figured out the issue with the electrical supply, and after working on the old panel … success!
  • Waxed and polished the cabin top and cockpit (no small task – the GRP was well oxidized).  Polished the stainless steel.
  • Installed the new Rochna anchor.  Used a template to see if the regular (roll bar) Rochna would fit, but no, so, we went for the Rochna Vulcan.


  • Huge tidying project, sorting through equipment and spares, removing many parts and bring them home until we get them properly installed (including Monitor self-steering gear, solar panels and arch, 3 spare anchors, liferaft, dinghy and outboard, and the bimini and enclosure.)
  • Installed the stainless steel ‘eyebrow’ on the cabin top. the old teak one had been removed and the stainless steel had be bought by Fred and Caroline, but not installed.

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