Big Tides, New Chartplotter

Big Tides, New Chartplotter

Departure:  Clipper
Arrival:  Clipper
Distance (nm):  11.2
Engine Hours:  1.0
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin, and a not too miserable Marley
Weather: Sunny and the breeze finally filled in.

Log:  Saturday was spent removing the old electronics equipment at the helm, and installing the new binnacle mount and chartplotter, which required a trip home to use the angle grinder.  Looks good, and with a bit of temporary wiring, its powered up and operating (with no depth, wind, speed, AIS, etc.).

Faced with the choice of installing the wind transducer at the top of the mast or going for a sail (and with a promising puff of a breeze) we headed out.  After sailing around for a while, the breeze set in, as did the current, a full ‘supermoon’ and 7.5′ tides produced a good 3 – 4 knots of ebb current and we spent much of the afternoon doing to sailing equivalent of ‘running on a treadmill’ followed by a rapid sprint (repeat). The sailing was good however, and so was lunch thanks to the remainder of the tortilla soup.


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