Stuck in the mud with Jon & Candace

Stuck in the mud with Jon & Candace


Departure: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival: Ayala Cove, Angel Island
Distance (nm): 18nm
Engine Hours: 1.5
Crew & Guests: Julian, Colin, Jon & Candace
Weather: Sunny, but cool, and then overcast in the Cove

Log: A surprisingly cold start to the day, which didn’t get much better, we headed out with the loose plan to go to Ayala Cove for the night, but thinking the cool weather might drive us back to Sausalito. The obligatory sailing under the Golden Gate and run back in over to the City Waterfront, and we thought we’d just go check out Ayala Cove, and decided to stay. A bunch of firsts … Incredibly, this was the first night we’ve actually spent away from the Sausalito slip since we bought Boundless, first time using the dinghy and outboard from the boat, first time using the boarding ladder, and, very happily, first overnight guests.

And, after a bit of finagling with the tying up process (Jon and Colin bonding in the dinghy with an aft line), it was to shore quickly with me promising Jonathan something savory from the concession only to see the “kitchen closed’ sign … “Packet of chips, Jon?”.

A lovely, if a bit cool, evening aboard with Nick and Johnna over for a quick drink, then dinner and ‘Cards against Humanity’, and off to bed.


Departure: Ayala Cove, Angel Island
Arrival: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm): 8nm
Engine Hours: 1
Crew & Guests: Julian, Colin, Jon & Candace
Weather: Better, sun!

Log: We woke to a very still morning … mostly because we we fast aground, which was not a surprise, we had tied up with 6’6″ underneath us with a couple of feet to go until the early morning low. A blessing as it forced a period of patience and relaxation, as the water slowly rose to float us again. Others were not so patient, and we watched a lovely older couple make considerable preparations for getting under way, including raising their mainsail, only to cast off the mooring and travel, very slowly and under full power, just twenty or thirty feet before they could go no further and were too resigned to enjoying the morning in Ayala Cove. We had a great bacon and eggs breakfast, then Colin and I took a trip ashore, taking a walk to find a good vantage point for a photo of our pretty boat in the Cove while Jon and Candace played cards in the cockpit. A good Sunday morning scene!

It was almost noon when we left and seeing a stiff breeze in Raccoon Straight, we left with a reef in, and with the staysail. Much to Jonathan’s chagrin, we had a comfortable couple of tacks across the Bay and headed home.

An extremely pleasant weekend, and very special to share it with Jonathan.

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