Dog (Independence) Day Afternoon with Bob & Dave

Dog (Independence) Day Afternoon with Bob & Dave

Departure:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:  Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):  18nm
Engine Hours:  1
Crew & Guests:  Julian, Colin & Marley, Bob, Dave & Jamie
Weather: The sun did peak out, but the red faces were definitely wind-burn … blow!  Gusty to start, then evened out at a steady 20 – 26.

Log:  July 4th, and grey and foggy in the morning, but slightly brighter by the afternoon. Determined to head out with Bob and Dave despite the forecast blow, and with having both Marley and Jamie on board, we opted for a very cautious sail plan (second reef and the staysail), which proved extremely comfortable and quite adequate to push us at 6 knots in the 20 – 26 knot breeze.

Given the strong flood tide and the usually westerly blow through the gate it was one of those days where we opted for a couple of laps over to the City waterfront and back, but the lack of thrilling itinerary was well made up for by the great sail.  Dave did a bunch of excellent helming, Bob had a nap in the salon secured with a lee cloth, and Jamie showed great curiosity with the passing water, prompting the question “how do you get a wet 85lb dog on board a boat with no swim step transom?”

A blowy return to the dock, a few hands of hearts, and a good supper, mostly pre-prepared by Dave (Thank you), a 4th July cake, and, after Bob Dave and Jamie had left, we even heard fireworks from below in the cabin (we’re not huge fireworks aficionados).

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