Sailing with Captain (Ken) Cook

Sailing with Captain (Ken) Cook

Departure: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm): 18.6nm
Engine Hours (trip end): 008.5
Crew & Guests: Julian, Colin, Ken & Francisco
Weather: Warm, sunny, but some good wind (up to 20Kts)

Log: At last, Ken got off his bike, and we had him and Chico out on the boat, and what a beautiful day … sun, warmer than usual, and still a bit of wind.

Across to the City waterfront and tacked only once to make it out the Gate as the wind was definitely more southerly than just blowing straight in under the bridge. We turned around fairly quickly however, as it was a bit lumpy with the ebb tide. A run down past the City and Alcatraz, then a left turn to hide behind Angel Island (with a hoard of other refuge seekers), to hang on the hook for a spot of lunch (thank you Colin). with the anchor raised, we took a couple of tacks down Raccoon Straights in quite a blow (one reef and the staysail) with Ken doing a great job at the helm watching the ‘flicky things’, and we were chased down by Scarlet Fire.

Very nice day out!

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