Prism Rebedding # 1

Prism Rebedding # 1

The title says it all … I fully expect to be doing a bit more prism rebedding, because a) the other may also leak at some point (the one above the chart table did last year a bit – so thats already on the list), and b) We are not convinced this one is going to work, as a corner of the prism was actually broken and we glued it together (Loctite 2G Glass glue – Diswasher safe) before bedding it.  

The project seemed to go OK, and it was encouraging to see a molded hole in the deck (below the teak) as opposed to cut/cored deck.   

  • Removed bronze screws and replaced with new phillips head bronze
  • Removed cover plate and prism, cleaned out all the old silicon, cleaned (and sanded) cover plate. 
  • Cleaned prism as glued as directed.
  • Drilled out screw holes and filled with 5-minute epoxy before redrilling.  Used a little epoxy to strengthen the ‘sidewall’ of the interior teak finish.
  • Masked off everything
  • Applied silicon (Dow 795), pressed in the prism, more 795 and pressed on the cover plate, and secured with the new screws
  • Removed masking tape and cleaned up.

Then the dog sat on the prism, and got a new black strip on his bum

UPDATE 12/23/18: Yes, did another one yesterday, the one above the chart table.  Much quicker second time around.

One thought on “Prism Rebedding # 1

  1. sounds like what I’ve been going through with our deck… piece by piece we are replacing boards and railings…avoiding replacing the entire structure… Good luck!


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