Christmas Dinner in Richardson Bay

Christmas Dinner in Richardson Bay

Departure:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):11.5
Engine Hours (trip end):54.2
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:Snowmen and reindeer everywhere (bright and cool!)

We had big plans to go far, and have Turkey somewhere exotic (like Paradise Cove), but a there was absolutely no wind, so headed back to Richardson Bay to bask in the warmth of the winter sun, and cook up a bit of Turkey, potatoes, gravy, etc (a la Mollie Stones). How is it that there can be no wind anywhere, but a blow in Richardson Bay? It took us a couple of times to set the anchor, and then enjoyed a rolly, but very Christmas afternoon.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Dinner in Richardson Bay

  1. Yes Bruce, that was an old post that was sitting in ‘draft’ and never got posted. We are heading back to the boat in La Paz next weekend, and we’re thinking Christmas should be somewhere on Isla Espiritu Santo. We’re looking forward to being back.


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