You say accumulator we say …. what the ….

You say accumulator we say …. what the ….

After dealing with a water pressure pump that ran constantly we tried to adjust the old accumulator (pressure tank) only to find water ran out the pressure port. Which means the membrane has failed! We ordered a new one (7 gallon like the current one) and set to replace. Hahahaha.

In typical boat project fashion we discovered that water had been leaking from the connectors ( tank under aft berth) and had to replace all the worn hose. Then after installing and pressurizing …. leak #1. Undo , tighten, reinstall….. leak #2. Undo retighten, reinstall… leak #3. You get it. Our motto has become “if it’s a job worth doing it’s worth doing 3 or maybe 4 times to get it right”. And we finally did! Now we have pressure so good that the water pump kicks in once every few hours if needed, woohoo!


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