Goodbye mainsail!

Goodbye mainsail!

Goodbye (35 year old) Mainsail

Departure:Clipper Yacht Harbor
Arrival: Clipper Yacht Harbor
Distance (nm):15.6
Engine Hours (trip end):59.00
Crew & Guests:Julian, Colin, Marley
Weather:light wind, bright with some cloud

Determined NOT to sacrifice the first nice day in a while to doing JOBS, we just installed the new anchor bow roller (10-minute job) ans went for a sail. With the new main and stack pack due for install this week, this was (hopefully) the last time we’ll raise the old mainsail.

The main is a ‘Horizon 2000’ mainsail that we have been reliably informed is the original sail, and 35 years old. It was apparently built of very stout material, and has has undergone a few rounds of refurbishment including conversion from small partial battens to full battens, and most recently (2015?) being impregnated with a resin of sorts. Very surprisingly, it really looks pretty good, and holds a decent shape, but … probably time to go.

So, a lovely winter day with a spot of (East) wind, and nice rollers, we headed out the Gate, where the wind seemed light for going downwind, and so headed back upwind again (back through the gate) for the a bit more fun.

Warm in the sun, and cool otherwise, it was a bit of back and forth, hot soup for lunch and head home. Very pleasant … sailing is good for the soul.

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