New Main and Stack-pack

New Main and Stack-pack

Finally received our new main and stack pack today from Hood Sails. Robin Sodaro and his son came by to fit it.

We looked at three different sailmakers for the main, but chose Hood because a) Looking at other boats, their stack packs (cradles) always seem to look compact and neat on the boom, and b) they had a material option that was an lighter, stronger option to 9.8oz Dacron that was reasonably priced (i.e. not laminate sails. We therefore went with 7.7oz Vektron, with full specs as follows:

With (3) reefs, (5) Full length RBS tapered epoxy battens, BattSlide BS- 1900-10 batten receptacles, BattSlide 804 batten slides, battens load from the luff with the aft end of the batten pocket closed and reinforced with Spectra webbing, over the headboard leech line adjustable at the tack and tack reefs, sail panels laser cut-seams glued and triple five step stitched, double stitched luff-leech-foot tapes, Passport 42 class insignia, (5) leech telltales, sail ties, sail bag, installed on the boat.

Cost: Mainsail: $5,216 Cradle: $1,270

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