Stainless Steel ‘Bling’

Stainless Steel ‘Bling’

With access to Sergio Galindo for the chainplates, we built a wish list of other stainless steel projects.

Solid Lifelines

We knew we wanted solid lifelines from the cockpit to the boarding gate, but went ‘all in’ on solid lifelines all around the boat.

Deck Prism Surrounds

With the teack on the decks removed, we needed a surround for the two remaining prisms (we had taken two out completely). Initial thoughts were for a G10 type riser, but given the result of these stainless ones, we are super happy we opted for these.

Samson Post

Extending the size of the inner forestay attachment plate gave us the opportunity to add a samson post to the foredeck

Swim ladder

The previous ladder was not very solid, and a hassle to deploy. We had seen this style of swim ladder, and opted for one. It is mounted on a swivel semi-permanently on the rail, and drops down to the water. It also features a quick-release, and can be deployed from the water with the attached line.

Dinghy/Dock boarding ladder

We added a second smaller ladder for boarding from the dinghy, or from a dock. The two ladders can be easily swapped over from side to side.

Foredeck protector

With the deck now painted, we felt it would need protection from the anchor chain.

Outboard Motor Mount & Lift

The new mount gets the outboard off the stern pushpit, and out of the way of the sun screens, and although we currently have one of the smallest and lightest outboards around, we added a hoist arm in the event we upgrade at some point, and need some help in lowering the motor to the dinghy in the water.

Barbecue Mount

This moves the barbecue off the pushpit and means any dripping oil falls clear of the deck.

Snubber Attachment Fitting

This fitting bolts through to the anchor locker. The hull at this point is 6″ thick. The backing plate for the old fitting was exposed in the anchor locker (the glass had worn away) and was severely disintegrated. The external fitting was replaced with new bolts through to a new backing plate which was glassed over with 5 layers of mat in the anchor locker.

Traveler block Riser

This used to be a rather nasty block of wood that relied on a few screws into the teak deck … not good!

We replaced it with a stainless riser, through-bolted through the cabin top.

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